What Will My Addition Cost?

It’s time for that new addition.Things are just about bursting at the seams in the home you’ve outgrown and so you decide to do some research.

How much is it going to cost to finally have space to cook in the kitchen? How much will you be spending to finally get that master suite retreat?

Maybe you’ve been googling around, looking on different websites for Benton and Washington County contractors, and coming up empty handed. They all say something to the effect of “every house is different” or “it depends on what you want”, with no actual dollar sign number in sight. Instead, they want you to call them so they can come out to your home and give you a bid. That wouldn’t be so bad, if you knew they weren’t going to hard sell you relentlessly afterwards.

And so you give up your search and tell yourself “we have plenty of space” and go back to squeezing into that tiny kitchen night after night while cooking dinner, or dreaming of having just a LITTLE bit of separation between yours and the kids’ rooms.

Trust me, we’ve ALL been there. Wanting to know what we’re getting ourselves into before we actually make that monetary commitment is only natural, and in fact, it’s the SMART thing to do. Which is why we’ve decided to make your research a little easier, and finally answer the “what will my addition cost me?” question with an actual dollar sign amount.

But before we get into how much you’re going to spend, it’s important to understand three important factors, or essentially three different levels of an addition, that can impact your price:

Level 1: Magazine Cover Quality Work

Everything’s top of the line with that coveted, shiny polish on all the surfaces. It’s the kind of space where the lights come on and you just think “wow!”

Level 2: A Nice Job, With Just a Few Special Touches

You know you want something really nice, but you don’t care too much about the details. However, there are one or two things in that space that are really important to you. For example, in a bathroom you might really want a rainfall shower head or a nice vanity. As long as you get that one thing you really want, you’re not too picky about the other stuff.

Level 3: Bursting at the Seams

You just need the space and you need to get in it as soon as possible. Maybe a few years from now, when you’ve had the chance to breathe and relax, you can think about all the high-end finishes. But for now you just want to make sure the bones are good.

Those are the three basic levels that we talk about here when we’re speaking with a client for the first time, because it helps us give you as close to an exact estimate as possible for your addition.

Which brings us back to that all important question of price. Depending on which level of an addition you are wanting, we will echo what other contractors have said while you’ve been doing your research: the price depends! But, as we said earlier, we promised we’d give you an actual number you can use to approximately estimate the cost of your addition. And here, it is:

A home addition in Benton and Washington County, Arkansas will start at about $150 per square foot. 

Now, apart from the level of addition we mentioned earlier, there are a few other things that can impact that number. For instance, the larger your addition goes, the more likely it is that we can bring that number down a little. Inversely, the smaller the addition goes, the more

likely that per foot price is likely to climb. The reason for this being a number of things, including minimums for materials (concrete, brick, etc.) and some things take just as much work in a smaller space as in a larger one.

Now, if this is in the ballpark range of what you are wanting to spend, we’d love for you to reach out and chat with us about your project. And most importantly, we promise not to hard sell you!

While we absolutely love to help our clients’ dreams come true, and we try to do everything we can to work within the budget you have, we know that we’re not the right fit for everyone, just like not every client is the right fit for us. And that’s fine! Our greatest mission is for our customers to be happy and to fall in love with their home again. If we’re only a stepping stone on your path to that goal, then we’re happy to help guide you there.

So if you’ve been dreaming up your next big project and you’d love to chat about finally turning the house you like into the home you love, we’d love to chat with you. No hard sales, just a genuine desire to talk with you about your dreams and figure out how we can help make them a reality. Contact us via phone, email, or our Facebook page today!