What Will It Cost to Replace My Windows?

What Will It Cost to Replace My Windows?

Let’s talk windows.

You bought an older home because nothing can compare to the charm and all the details that really make it unique. As addition and renovation experts, we couldn’t agree more! We love the potential an older home has! But we also know that every time you see condensation pooling on your windows, or you walk near them and feel a cold draft, getting those windows replaced moves higher and higher on the to-do list.

But how much is that actually going to cost? To get right to it: if you’re wanting to remove your old windows and put in new vinyl, double-paned energy efficient windows, that will typically cost about $400 – $500 apiece.

Of course, that is just a rough estimate, because as in all things with construction, it can really run a wide gamut of prices. And it all depends on these two things:

  1. Do you want upgraded windows? Marvin or Andersen wood editions are truly beautiful upgrades that will add a lot to your home, but those come at a price. About $1200 – $1500 per window, to be exact.
  2. Do you want to keep the same size, or go bigger? If you want larger windows, many factors can come into play with the price. First, do you want wider or taller windows? Generally speaking, wider can cost a lot more than going taller. Second, what is your home exterior? Hard exterior products (like brick or stone) can make costs go up quickly when you have to redo masonry.

So, how much can you expect to spend in total? As we’ve discussed, it really can depend, but if we were to look at an average house (which typically has about ten windows), we’re not making any size adjustments, and we’re using the typical 15 square foot, vinyl replacements, you can expect to pay between $4,000 – $5,000 to redo your entire house.

And while this is a good ballpark, every home is different. If you’re curious about your options or want to talk through the various products, we’d love to come to your home and take a look. Reach out to us anytime, because we truly believe we’re not just a construction company, we are also here as an educational resource for you! So let’s connect and talk about your next project so you can focus on designing a home you can build memories in, and we can help make it a reality for you!