The Biggest Home Addition Problems You Might Encounter: Making Assumptions

The Biggest Home Addition Problems You Might Encounter: Making Assumptions

We know we said we were wrapping up our Home Addition Problems blog series after the last post, but we realized we weren’t quite done yet!

Recently, the topic of “making assumptions” came up in our weekly team meeting and as we discussed what can happen when assumptions are made, we realized this was a discussion we needed to have not just with our own team, but with everyone who is about to start, finish, or is in the middle of their own addition project.

So, why is making assumptions a problem? Basically when we (either as the Valiant team, or you as the customer) make assumptions, mixed signals get sent. These mixed signals can very easily lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. It goes without saying that when there are misunderstandings and miscommunication it is very easy for things to go wrong.

So we understand making assumptions is a problem, but what exactly are these assumptions we are making? And how do we avoid them?

First, as your contractor, we can make assumptions about your understanding of industry terms and terminology. While we may assume you know what we’re saying when we use construction-specific lingo, you may have no idea what we’re referring to. You may guess at what we’re saying, and sometimes you may be right, but sometimes you might also be wrong. And that’s never a good thing!

As your contractor, we therefore make every effort to explain the more technical aspects of the construction in a way that doesn’t use industry specific terms. We also encourage you to always ask for clarification if there is anything we are not explaining clearly enough! Construction is what we do every single day, so sometimes we might not even realize we’re using industry specific lingo! We’re always happy to explain what we mean if you haven’t heard a certain term before, or if there is a technique/process you don’t quite get.

Another way we make assumptions is with the schedule. Again, as your contractor, we know how long it typically takes to get cabinets, or concrete, or any other necessary supply. And so we might be operating under a timeline with that understanding. However, you may have no idea that it typically takes a few weeks to schedule the concrete work or to have the cabinets made. Without that understanding, you might get frustrated that the cabinets aren’t in when you told your contractor a week ago what you wanted.

To avoid making this assumption, for our part, we work really hard to make sure that you are kept up to date on where we’re at with receiving the supplies and when our own workers are scheduled to be on site. And just like with the first assumption, as the customer, we would also encourage you to always feel free to ask about the schedule and where things are at with the timeline!

As you can see, this is a pretty important topic to discuss, which is why we decided to not only bring it up with our own team, but to also address it here on the blog. Making assumptions is something that should be avoided, and like with any problem or issue, can be remedied by ensuring the communication lines remain open.

So to summarize, don’t be afraid to ask your contractor for more clarification, and don’t be afraid to ask for updates on the schedule. In fact, we encourage it! Knowing you are as interested in the process as we are is not only encouraging, it also ensures everyone on the job site remains happy and everyone involved is pleased with the end product!

As our motto says, it is our goal to turn the house you like into the home you love, and by always communicating about the things that are important to you, we can make sure that happens!