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What We Do


We go out of our way to source the right product so that it matches the existing home as perfectly as possible. It's why we're known for our truly seamless additions.


There's nothing quite as rewarding as saving and updating a home with great bones. If you need help bringing your home out of the past so that it can work with your lifestyle today, we're here to help.

New Homes

You've found the perfect lot. Now you just need the home! We work tirelessly to help you craft a custom, energy-efficient home that works for your lifestyle not just today, but for the future as well.

Seamless Additions

Maybe your kitchen was big enough when you first moved in as newly weds, but now you have three kids and there's just no space to put anything, let alone cook! Or maybe you need some space to retreat to when all the kids' friends are over. Whatever your needs, we love to help you find a little more peace in your home!

We are masters of making an addition to your home feel and look like it was always there. We source materials wherever necessary in order to make certain we match existing finishes as closely as possible. We also frequently update existing finishes as part of an addition.

Check out our photo gallery for examples of our seamless additions!

High-End Remodels

You've loved your home since you moved in. The only problem is, it's been twenty years. If you're not as in love with your home as you were the day you bought it, don't feel bad. Trends change and, more importantly, lifestyles change!

Whatever your reason for needing a remodel, whether it's making more space in the kitchen, or moving that master suite downstairs, we here to help you fall back in love with your home!

Check out the gallery to see some of our favorite remodels!

Custom, Energy-Efficient Homes

Imagine your dream home and all the memories you hope to create there. It's a pretty great dream, right?

When you build with Valiant, you can rest easy knowing that all of those memories are being created in a home that is customized to your needs and will stand the test of time. Not to mention loving how low your utilities are because of the materials we use. From Insulated Concrete Forms to Structural Insulated Panels, we take pride in the fact that the homes we build are 300% stronger than your standard home.

Check out the gallery to view some of our favorite homes we've built!


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