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What Will It Cost to Replace My Windows?

Let’s talk windows. You bought an older home because nothing can compare to the charm and all the details that really make it unique. As addition and renovation experts, we couldn’t agree more! We love the potential an older home has! But we also know that every time you see condensation pooling on your windows, or you walk near them and feel a cold draft, getting those windows replaced moves higher and higher on the

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A Follow-up on the DIY vs. Contractor Debate

We’re guessing that if you’re considering updating your home, you’ve probably had one, if not all of these thoughts: “I’m pretty handy, surely there’s some part of this project that I can do to make the budget stretch a little further” “If I want to DIY some of it, is the contractor going to be ok with that?” “If I do DIY some of the project, WHICH parts of the project should that be, and

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The Effects of COVID-19 on Your Home Renovation or Addition Costs

If you’ve spent any time in a home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot lately, you may have noticed current prices are not the same as pre-COVID prices. COVID has hit a lot of industries hard this last year, and the construction business has been no exception. There are a couple reasons for this, which we will dive into in this blog post, but we also wanted to make sure and address the question

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A Comparison: Buying New or Remodeling / Adding On

Should I remodel/add on or buy new? If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure this is a debate you have had at some point during your homeownership journey. It’s a valid question in almost every situation, and so we thought that it would be smart for us to cover this debate in part two of our comparison series. What’s the right choice? Like we said in our last post, it depends! And the reason it depends

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A Comparison: DIYing vs. Hiring a Contractor

It’s been quite some time since our last blog post, but the start of a new season has had us thinking about starting a new blog series. We’ve actually been brainstorming this new series for quite a few weeks, trying to understand your needs and what would serve you the best and what we’ve realized is we’ve been getting a lot of questions about comparisons. And so we thought, why not do a whole comparison

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The Biggest Home Addition Problems You Might Encounter: Making Assumptions

We know we said we were wrapping up our Home Addition Problems blog series after the last post, but we realized we weren’t quite done yet! Recently, the topic of “making assumptions” came up in our weekly team meeting and as we discussed what can happen when assumptions are made, we realized this was a discussion we needed to have not just with our own team, but with everyone who is about to start, finish,

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