26 Exterior Updates to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Whether you’ve been in your home for twenty years or twenty days, it’s never a bad idea to make some exterior improvements to ensure your curb appeal is making the best first impression possible for your home. If you’re staring at your house and are unsure where to start, check out this list for a little inspiration! 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive range of exterior improvements, from quick, budget friendly fixes to total redesigns. Whatever your budget, there’s definitely something on this list to get you inspired!

Quick, Budget Friendly Fixes

Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Trim and/or Replace Plants
  2. Upgrade your walkway
  3. Add window planters
  4. Put in a new front door
  5. Paint your front door
  6. Add sidelights to your front door
  7. Switch out your light fixtures
  8. Add some fun design accents, like cedar columns or wood shutters
  9. Replace your house numbers


Mid-Range Updates


  1. Create a patio for some outdoor seating
  2. Revamp your stoop
  3. Open up a closed in porch
  4. Put in updated and more stylish garage doors
  5. Add a terrace wall to the front yard
  6. Switch out a large window for a set of french doors
  7. Put in a pergola for some shaded seating


For a More Dramatic Change

Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Repaint your house a new color
  2. Add a portico to or extend your existing front porch
  3. Create a porch if you don’t already have one
  4. Put in larger windows
  5. Put in a new roof – metal, slate, or cedar shakes are beautiful options to really make your house stand out
  6. Try a new type of siding – concrete siding, cedar siding, or shingles are all fun ideas


For the Brave Renovator

Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Add a balcony off an upper level
  2. Add a sunroom off the side
  3. Put in an upper level addition, if you’re also needing some extra space
  4. Add gables or dormers to your roof and create a fun attic retreat

With all this extra time we have at home right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to make some of those changes you’ve always wanted to make.

And if those improvements require a little more planning and the help of a professional, like adding that new sunroom or putting in some dormers, we are here to help you understand your options. Let us help you get more space, so you can finally relax in the home you love!