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Shape Your Home To Your Unique Style

We all need a place to call home. A sanctuary where you can feel at peace and restful, but also energized by the space around you. What better way to describe your new living room or bedroom than as an extension of yourself?

It’s time you bring your home back to life. Dare to paint it in vibrant colors, and rediscover the joy of walking barefoot on a new, shiny, hardwood floor. And if you want to go big and bold, our team of expert home remodeling contractors can help you rethink your entire space and change everything from scratch.

Feel more alive than ever as you watch your home become a true expression of yourself in Rogers AR, Bentonville AR, Centerton AR, or Bella Vista AR.

Enrich Your Home Experience

When you’re at home, you want to feel protected and relaxed, knowing all your needs are covered. But if your home is older, it’s probably not as functional as you’d wish. Those kitchen cabinets have seen better days, and you never seem to have enough space. Your appliances have served you well over the years, but the outdated electrical wiring doesn’t support new, innovative devices.

Expand your living space and add some highly functional storage areas to make the most of your home. Uplift your comfort level with up-to-code electrical work that supports state-of-the-art appliances and devices. The moment’s here to get back that homey feeling and enjoy a new life at home with the assistance of our experienced remodeling contractors in Rogers AR, Bentonville AR, Centerton AR, and Bella Vista AR!

Home Remodeling Contractors Centerton AR

Our Services

Expand your home’s functional space and scale up its value.

Reimagine your home’s looks and fall in love with it again.

Bring your dream home vision to life and own it with pride.

What Drives Us

Our biggest reward comes from being able to bring peace and relaxation to our customers. We stand by the high-quality of our work from our 30 years of home renovation contractors and construction experience.

We’re your “one-stop-shop” team, a reliable remodeling company. You don’t have to hire three different contractors to bring your home vision to life. Our approach takes your project from start to finish, on time and on budget. We’ll make sure you’re updated, involved, and in charge with every step of this ride. Our goal is to help you rediscover the beauty of your home, and seeing your excitement at the end of the project is our greatest gain.

Valiant Home Addition Team
Valiant Home Additions

How It Works

Revamp your living space with a home renovation and transformation tailored to your highest expectations. Whatever your dream is, we are here to help make it real so you can enjoy your home for years to come.
Consultation & Estimates


Reach out to us via text or email. To better understand your vision for your home, we’ll ask you to send us a short video of the location you wish to transform. After we have a clear idea of your project, we’ll give you an outline and rough cost estimate for turning your vision into reality.
Design & Construction


Choose your favorite products, materials, and finishes, and we’ll combine them into a new home design that represents you. When we’re all on the same page, we’ll get started on bringing the design from paper to real life.
Love Your Home Again


After adding the final touches to your newly created living space, get ready for the extra comfort and luxury you are about to enjoy from now on. That alone calls for a drink in honor of your new home!

Our Portfolio

If you have a picture in mind of what you’d love to call your dream home but are still looking for that last drop of inspiration, browse our gallery below and allow us to help you make it real.


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Happy Homeowners Like You Say...

We’re proud to put our skills at our customer’s service and turn their homes into a work of art. But what makes us even prouder is receiving heartfelt words of excitement from our happy customers. That’s what makes us thrive and keeps the passion for our work alive.
Anthony B.
Anthony B.
January 12, 2023
Working within the NWA Real Estate Industry, I have a vast network of agents to lean on and asked what companies to consider a room addition project. Several colleagues recommended Valiant NWA - I experienced why they are so widely recommended. I was incredibly impressed with the entire process. The transparency, the constant communication, the honest feedback, and the attention to detail all exceeded my expectations. We are thrilled with our new addition and it makes our humble Bella Vista home more flexible with a beautiful windowed space. Thank you to all that brought the project to life: James, Jake, Danny, and all the subcontractors, everyone was incredibly professional and I trusted them throughout the timeline of the build. I will be passing their info along to all those that need a recommendation for a home addition/remodel.
Joyce Schmelzer
Joyce Schmelzer
August 22, 2022
When we had our house built, Covid got in the way, so the sunroom/porch I had hoped for was not added. After a few months we contacted Valiant to put on the addition. We are so happy with Valiant that we are considering having them put an addition on our garage. Their professionalism was outstanding from the beginning. In fact they were the only contractor at the time who returned calls.The new room not only turned out beautiful, there is absolutely no evidence from the outside that it is not part of the original build. We highly recommend Valiant
Yevette Webb
Yevette Webb
May 18, 2022
So far I have had nothing but a great experience. The fact that they actually called me back was awesome because I called 4 other builders that have yet to return a call.. The video process is extremely innovative and gave me the opportunity to show and explain what I am looking to do without interrupting my work schedule or Valiant's.
Muriel AndersonSpychala
Muriel AndersonSpychala
December 17, 2021
James and Eric have an outstanding knowledge and skills in home design. From our ideas their know-how, a home design has come to life. Been an outstanding experience.
David Peterson
David Peterson
November 18, 2021
Build a fantastic deck and retaining wall, and did some siding and electrical repairs. Great workmanship. Easy to work with. James delivered what he said he would.
Joshua Gadbois
Joshua Gadbois
September 24, 2021
James Miller is a personal friend of mine. Why you ask would you review him for that? Well, I’m not. I’m giving valiant a 5 star review because I know and am familiar with the hard work the James and his team have put together to make the process so easy for their clients. You are in for an absolute treat. James and his team use an empathetic approach to understand you first. That way when they do build for you, you are top of mind the entire time…
cervantes 9092
cervantes 9092
December 11, 2019
Good customer service
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith
March 7, 2019
This builder is AWESOME! Jim is great with people.

Give Your Home A Bright, New Style And Enjoy Every Inch Of It